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Papaya Films is an open and egalitarian community, therefore it is crucial for us to develop business relationships with partners who share similar ethical and professional values.
We want to provide an honest and transparent model for running our business, guaranteeing the trust and safety of our employees, partners and subcontractors.
That is why we have adopted this code and wish to promote it among our partners so that its principles are reflected in our joint work.


Papaya Films has a policy of zero-tolerance regarding discrimination.
We expect everyone to be treated with respect, equality and tolerance, regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, age, appearance, nationality, sexual orientation, material status, political opinion or marital status.
All partners are required to create a fair and safe environment in which the above principles are followed, in particular with regard to market access, hiring, promotion and ongoing cooperation.


Papaya Films builds a business environment based on the best ethical standards.
We follow the rules of fair competition and expect the same from our partners and subcontractors. In particular, we counteract agreements restricting competition and the occurrence of conflicts of interest.
Official and economic corruption, bribery, illegal money laundering and any variations thereof are punished by law and always prohibited in any form for people working with Papaya Films. This means, in particular, the prohibition of offering, promising, giving or accepting any benefit that distorts the proper performance of duty or behaviour.


Any information exchanged by the parties as part of the cooperation should be treated as confidential and used only for the purpose of such cooperation. Violation of the above may constitute an act of unfair competition or a breach of a separate confidentiality agreement.
We process personal data in accordance with the provisions for its protection. We expect partners and subcontractors to have appropriate measures and procedures for the proper processing of personal data and confidential information.


Papaya Films supports and independently implements solutions limiting the negative impact of our business on the environment and the use of natural resources.
We encourage our partners and subcontractors to implement sustainable development policies and to act on the basis of the best environmental protection standards.

We are aware that ethical, social and environmental improvement sometimes takes time and resources. However, the deliberate or repeated failure to comply with the provisions of the code will constitute a serious violation of the principles of our cooperation and give rise to its immediate termination.

Please report suspected cases of non-compliance with the rules adopted in the policy to We treat the report as confidential information and carefully analyse it.